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ToDo ToDay: Aimee Mann! Dancing Dracula!

In the 27 years since she emancipated herself from her controlling yuppie boyfriend in ’Til Tuesday’s iconic “Voices Carry” video, Aimee Mann has become something of a comedian, appearing as Carrie Browstein’s housekeeper on the first season of Portlandia and turning the video for her latest single, “Labrador,” into a shot-for-shot remake of the one [...]

This Week in the Performing Arts: Full Circle and Ariadne auf Naxos

Trey Graham dissects the "artsy collage" of Woolly Mammoth's fall-of-the-Berlin-Wall story, Full Circle—"a production that breaks through theatrical boundaries as enthusiastically as the citizens of Berlin took that other barrier down two decades ago."
Ted Scheinman praises the National Opera's Ariadne auf Naxos, "a Strauss gem about the limitations of tragedy."
Also playing: Adding Machine: The Musical; [...]