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The Sleigher: Dr. Dog, “Oh My Christmas Tree”

HO HO WHO: A generally loveable, somewhat ramshackle Philly indie-rock band that once made one of the best videos ever to use old people as extras.
FEED THE WORLD, LET THEM HEAR YOU CLICK AT CHRISTMAS TIME: The piano-based "Oh My Christmas Tree" is one of four songs on a special EP written and recorded by [...]

HFStival Is Back, Again, for Some Reason

Don't know how I missed this—actually, I know exactly how I missed this—but the HFStival is back. Again. Back when alt-rock station WHFS was still on the air, it hosted an annual concert that became increasingly commercial and unlistenable as the station did roughly the same. The station went off the air in 2005 (it [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Dr. Dog, Si*Sé, Lissie

Best of Friday:
Dr. Dog with The Head and The Heart. $15. 8 p.m. doors. 9:30 Club. SOLD OUT.
With 10 years of recording and touring to its credit, Dr. Dog is not a band still in search its "sound."  I mean, mull over this rather damning, back-handed compliment from a review of the band's 2010 album, Shame [...]

Noodling Among the Great Unwashed: Debriefing the All Good Festival

Noodling, n. ~ [noodle, v. int.; nood-ler, n.; var. nüdl] ~ Affectionate if deprecating slang for the solitary gyrations favored by blissed-out attendees at jam-band concerts.
Bag-checks and responsible alcohol regulations have become more and more standard at the major festivals. An innocuous glass dealer at Bonnaroo, earlier this year, had $4,500 worth of pipes and [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Facebook Eats Your Brain’ Edition

Morning, folks!
Let’s talk about Facebook for a second. Yesterday I came across—via Facebook, naturally—this infographic, which shows the gradual un-privatizing of an ever larger proportion of your profile. With the link, the friend who had posted it had written, “Time to leave?” To which Paul Carr over at TechCrunch would no doubt counter, “No, time [...]