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Arts Roundup: Artisphere’s Sustainability Edition

Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan says she's "forcing" Artisphere "to reevaluate how they operate." [ArlNow]
Classical music critic Anne Midgette on music education in schools: It might be great for kids, but it doesn't necessarily turn them into future symphony subscribers. [Post]
The Anacostia totem pole serves as an odd tribute to Native American culture in a [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cal Ripken Jr. Signs Books for the Kiddies!

As spring nears and a new season of baseball begins, it feels like a good time to reflect on the game’s congregation of personalities: the superstitious reliever, the tobacco-spittin’ slugger, the devil-may-care base-stealer, the flamboyant outfielder, the blue-collar catcher, and so on. But for all its variety, the American pastime doesn’t boast many players who [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Double Dagger

You can draw a nuanced line from Double Dagger’s atypical art punk to the fact that two-thirds of the Baltimore band runs a graphic-design studio known for its clean and witty inventions, but really, the first thing you need to know is this: Double Dagger’s visuals are fantastic. That they look like pasty everymen puts [...]

Arts Roundup: Return of the Bubble Edition

Same Collaborators, New Living Quarters: The Pittsburgh-based artist Agnes Bolt, who earlier this year spent a week camped inside a bubble inside Philippa Hughes' living room, returns this weekend with a new exhibit—this one at the Project 4 Gallery on U Street NW—that features more personal information from the Pink Line Project leader. Over at [...]

Double Dagger Might Be Dead By the End of Its Last Show

Last month Baltimore post-punk trio Double Dagger announced it was breaking up after a little more than nine years together. The six-paragraph note on the band's site sums up the bittersweet nature of Double Dagger's demise, which is taking place simply because, in their words, it's just time.
Followers of vocalist Nolen Strals, bassist Bruce Willen, [...]

Rally Around the Flag: Titus Andronicus at Black Cat, Discussed

Jersey rockers Titus Andronicus are on fire right now. Last year's The Monitor was one of my favorite 2010 releases, and the band has been touring non-stop since the record's release. Considering I've interviewed both Titus Andronicus and current tourmates Dinowalrus in the past, I figured ought to make it to their show together with [...]

Why Double Dagger’s Corporate Design Commissions Are Still Pretty Punk

Nolen Strals, the singer of the abrasive Baltimore art-punk trio Double Dagger, has what he calls “a weird sort of internal conversation” whenever he's commissioned to do graphic design work for a large media outlet or corporation.
"Doing work for these major labels and these big corporate entities, there's part of me that's like, ‘Hell yes! [...]

Arts Roundup: Gladys, I Love You, Girl, But Oh, Get a Life! Edition

Good morning, D.C.! Yesterday, one of the District's most favoritest bands announced a five-date reunion tour for early 2011. Predictably, the Internet lost its shit over the thought of the Dismemberment Plan playing "Pay for the Piano" (for real, it's a great song). What a Monday!
In slightly less important news, someone from What Not to Wear was here to [...]

Romantic Post-Wave and the Tom Waits School of Voice: A Chat with Future Islands

"I really unabashedly am a bad singer," says Sam Herring of Baltimore's once rough-and-ragged—and now disarmingly introspective and motivic—Future Islands. He quickly qualifies the statement: "I don’t think I’m a bad singer, but I don’t consider myself a singer. I consider myself a performer who can sing a bit and does sing."
On the trio's upcoming [...]

Tonight: Double Dagger To Play Free In-Store @ Crooked Beat

Baltimore's Double Dagger will be playing an in-store at Crooked Beat today at 7 p.m. The show is free. Expect it to be loud as hell. Double Dagger recently released its stunning third LP, More, on Thrill Jockey. We hope the Adams Morgan record shop has insurance; the band's sound is all sharp elbows, pointed [...]