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Scout Niblett on Her Make-Out Album Cover, Talking to Herself, and Snow White

Skim through the lyrics of Scout Niblett’s latest album, It’s Up to Emma, and the common threads are pretty easy to spot: anger, disappointment, desire. Something—or more accurately, someone—went wrong. The album's seething vocals; downer guitar; and carefully deployed, aching string section bring it all to life. The simmering "Woman and Man" is a prime [...]

ToDo ToDay: Pere Ubu, Scout Niblett, and the New Duke’s Grocery

"Nonalignment Pact," the first track on Pere Ubu’s 1978 album The Modern Dance, has been a staple of my playlists since a college fling introduced me to the post-punkers. But Pere Ubu is more than that song’s growly, rousing chorus. Singer David Thomas, Pere Ubu’s only continuous member, has seen the release of dozens of albums [...]

ToDo ToDay: Celebrity Autobiography! EuroAsia Shorts!

It’s a law of the publishing industry: Stay moderately famous for long enough, and eventually, some deep-pocketed imprint will pay you to write your life story—and sometimes, the results are pretty damn unintentionally funny. D-list celebrity tell-alls have kept actors and comedians busy for years now—see YouTube for examples, like Sherri Shephard reading from the [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Shut Up Little Man!

Describing an event as "pre-Internet" might be obnoxious, but in the case of Matthew Bate's documentary Shut Up Little Man!: An Audio Misadventure, it's a crucial detail. The set up: Two Midwestern guys move to San Francisco in the late 1980s looking for opportunity and adventure. As luck would have it, their fleabag apartment comes [...]

So Tonight’s Hume Show Should Be Interesting

Hume's summer was probably more blissful than yours. The D.C. band left town at the end of May for a country house on a 100-acre property in the village of Argyle, in Upstate New York. They found it on Craiglist. Apparently the price was reasonable; they quit their day jobs.
"We made great creative strides in a [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Raw Power

It’s unbelievable that an MP3 file or a slab of wax could contain the fury of Dope Body’s latest album, Nupping. The band mixes boisterous alt-funk, damaged noise rock, and aggressive post-punk, spikes the result with a bit of soul and hip-hop, and plays with enough intensity to make the album seem like a plausible [...]

Dope Body’s Nupping, Reviewed

Nupping | nupp – ing | noun
A 10-track record from Baltimore's sludgy noise act Dope Body. Known for its intense, mucked-up punk rock, Dope Body cranks out some brutal jams on Nupping. It sounds like a call to arms, a reminder that ferocity works in every era, and that there are many, many ways to make [...]