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What’s Closed in the Arts: Post-Doom, Jan. 25 Edition

Post-snow closures and cancellations.

What’s Closed in the Arts: Impending Doom, Jan. 22–24 Edition

Listen to music in your house because you're probably not getting out to hear it live.

Tonight: Cacophonous Doom and Corpse Stink at St. Stephen’s

What better way to kick off a summer weekend than with a heady mix of post-rock, ephemeral doom, brutal crust metal, and, um, a 14-woman vocal choir?
Tonight's show at St. Stephen's Church is far from sweetness and light. Headlining the affair is Ilsa, a local metal-laced crust punk act (or, conversely, crust-punk infused metal [...]

DOOM Is Back

The MF has been dropped from his name. But everything else with Doom remains the same:

Maryland Stoner/Doom Guitarist Goes Solo

For the past 25-years Maryland-based guitarist Scott "Wino" Weinrich has more or less towered over the stoner-rock and doom-metal communities like some sort of unthinkable Cthulian Cthulhian overlord–delivering genre-defining heaviness in bands like The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, and The Hidden Hand.
But now he's on his own I guess. January 20th, he'll be releasing the [...]