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An Embarrassment of Riches: Jazz Setlist, Feb. 26-March 4

This is an uncommonly good week for jazz, especially over the weekend.

This Man Muhal: Jazz Setlist, Oct. 9-15

Muhal Richard Abrams is often called a "free jazz pianist," but his work extends far beyond "free" and "jazz."

Jazz Setlist, May 15-21: Trumpet Sandwich

Thursday, May 15
Thad Wilson's gigs are suddenly not as rare as they used to be. The trumpeter and bandleader is fresh off his April residency at Bohemian Caverns, where his music was often incredibly hip, and in between those weekly sessions he managed a gig or two at Twins Jazz and Westminster Presbyterian. Still rare, [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 2-7: Not Your Usual Venues

Saturday, May 3
Look, everyone knows about the Funk Parade at this point, right? It's a daylong outdoor fair and festival on U Street that's assumed such proportion that, frankly, the titular parade seems to be one of the smallest parts. And while, yes, funk is the dominant motif of the day, there'll be plenty of [...]

The Jazzies: D.C.’s Best Jazz in 2013

It's been a year of up-and-down swoops for D.C. jazz. But even in its tough spots, our local scene finds occasion to show its best sides. (There was likelier no tougher spot this year than the death of Butch Warren, but the tributes and dedications to him across the city were a thing to behold. [...]

Jazz Setlist, September 12-18: It’s Monk Time

Friday, Sept. 13
If you're a fan of that hard-swinging, 1950s hard-bop sound, one of your spiritual fathers is likely Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, who would have turned 85 this Sunday. The Tampa-born alto saxophonist is really most famous for his work in the Miles Davis band (the Milestones/Kind of Blue era), when Miles was moving away [...]

Jazz Setlist, August 22-28: Tributes, We’ve Got Tributes

Friday, August 23
Regular readers of Setlist will know that much of the year has been devoted to tributes to Wayne Shorter and his forthcoming 80th birthday. Why is this such a big deal? Well, you must understand that while he's not the only jazz titan still alive, Shorter's legacy runs deeper and wider than almost [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 16-22: That Ain’t Mary Lou!

Sisters and brothers—especially sisters—if you're reading this, you probably already know that the Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Festival is taking place this weekend at the Kennedy Center. It's taking a refreshing approach this year, featuring, alongside legendary singer Sheila Jordan and pianist and past MLW Competition winner Helen Sung, the inventive up-and-coming Dutch [...]

There’s a New Bassist in Town: Nicole Saphos

On Tuesday night, as he kicked off his Bohemian Caverns residency, trumpeter Donvonte' McCoy had a healthy mix of local veterans and new young talent in his quintet. Elijah Easton is a promising saxophonist, with a tone like Dexter Gordon's and a predilection for eighth-note runs; pianist Bill Murad has chops for miles, and drummer [...]

Jazz Setlist, August 9-15: Balkanized

Thursday, Aug. 9
Creating jazz improvisations from the music of the Balkans and other Eastern European countries is a fairly new development in the music, at least on this side of the pond. Really, it started in the early '90s with Dave Douglas and his Tiny Bell Trio. But it's evolved from there into an easy-access [...]