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ToDo ToDay: Los Hacheros, GEMS, and Garry Winogrand

In addition to their traditional salsa arrangements, expect New York’s Los Hacheros to bring along a fair amount of joy when they perform at Atlas Performing Arts Center. The group has only been performing together since 2011, but its solid arrangements and lively original songs have impressed old-school salseros and young music fans alike. By [...]

ToDo ToDay: Porgy and Bess, Stand-Up Comedy, and Cotton Candy

The return of Porgy and Bess to the National Theatre means much more than rousing dance numbers: It was the first musical performed for a desegregated audience at the gilded Pennsylvania Avenue NW venue. This tour stop of the much-updated Porgy and Bess, which snagged the 2012 Tony for Best Revival, is unlikely to reach similar heights of [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Os Mutantes, and Lots of Oysters

In his country-folk music as Bonnie “Prince” Billy or the various permutations of Palace (Palace Brothers, Songs, and Music), performer Will Oldham slips easily into the personas in his lyrics, his aching voice creating worlds of melancholy and mystery that touch on low-key theatricality without sacrificing raw emotion. Perhaps Oldham will impart some of his [...]

This Could Be Funny: Bert Kreischer

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, Jan. 27: "Don't Block the Box" at the Wonderland Ballroom
This somewhat regular show returns to the Wonderland Ballroom for an early-evening stand-up showcase. Tonight's lineup—Doug Powell, Tim Miller, Johno Cain, and MoReese Licorish—is a well-rounded sample of local comedy. High-energy performers in [...]

This Could Be Funny: Debt Ceiling Edition

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, July 29: Don’t Block the Box at Wonderland Ballroom
The good part about underground comedy shows is the variety of performers. Jimmy Meritt is a road warrior, super accessible, and a lovable nerd. Evan Valentine, also a nerd, is the writer and star [...]