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Head to Head: Ron Charles vs. Ron Moten

A series in which two local figures share their thoughts on developments in D.C.-area culture. For this edition, we talk to Washington Post Deputy Book World Editor Ron Charles and Peaceoholics founder and former Ward 7 D.C. Council candidate Ron Moten.
Washington City Paper: Would you wear this “Don’t Be a Bama” T-shirt?
Ron Charles: I would [...]

Don’t Be a Bama: The T-Shirt

Bama-like behavior. It's everywhere. We've gotta stop it.
Luckily, there's a T-shirt for that.
Let's say you're hosting a party at your house. You chose the playlist, and your friends are all liking it—they're dancing and enjoying themselves. Then some guest-of-a-guest walks up to the stereo, turns off your music, and hooks up his iPod. He wants [...]