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Comparing Notes: Two Critics Confer on “Fermata,” Artisphere’s Aural Exhibition

In musical notation, a fermata is a symbol used to indicate when a note or rest should be sustained. It’s usually used over rest notes to indicate a grand pause. That’s not the imagery that most curators try to summon with summer exhibits.
But “Fermata,” an ambitious new exhibit on view through August 10 at Artisphere, [...]

The Evens Are Back

It's been five years since the last record from Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina's low-key punk-folk duo The Evens, and they're back on Nov. 21 with a new 7-inch on Dischord. The A-side is called "Warble Factor" and the B-side is "Timothy Wright." (Could the latter be about the late gospel singer? Cool.) According to [...]

Get It Free: Black Tambourine’s Lost Inner Ear Mixes

The thing about noisy D.C. indie-poppers Black Tambourine is that—given that, you know, the band recorded very few songs around the early '90s and all of them are great—its fans will never be satisfied. The six previously unheard songs that the band released this January as part of a self-titled retrospective—four new recordings, two demos—grew its [...]

Catching Up With No Kill No Beep Beep, Day 6: High Two

On Oct. 24, 2000, Dischord Records released No Kill No Beep Beep, the classic debut by Q and Not U. The cover is an arresting, whimsical snapshot of the punk-rock community that spawned the record—the band asked its friends and peers, most of them under 25 at the time, to pose for a [...]

DC Punk 2008 Part 5: Don Zientara

Fifth in a series of 6, we asked DC's favorite recording engineer Don Zientara for his take on the state of recorded music in 2008.  He responded in limerick form (and in an interview at his studio in Arlington):
There once was an audio format called mp3
Where parts of the digital word were sent off to [...]