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DJ Heat Will Direct Your Music Video and Officiate Your Wedding

DJ Heat recently became an ordained minister. "Only took like 30 seconds online," she said on Facebook. "Any happy couples want me to perform their wedding?" The popular DMV diplomat has made her directorial debut with three recent videos: Don Juan's "No Make Up" and "The Worst," and B.E.'s "Addiction," which she shot after clocking out of her gig [...]

Watch: RAtheMC, “Drive You Crazy”

RAtheMC doesn't sit still for too long. Following the news of her father's untimely passing, she dropped a short but inspirational video for "Inception." Now, for her new video, "Drive You Crazy," RA focuses on herself and her creative friends.
Artists Maimouna Youssef, Reesa Renee, and Don Juan make appearances as director and singer Joe Maye combines clips of her [...]

Silly Masks, Serious Ideas: Faction of Fools’ Don Juan Opens Tonight

The question on Matthew R. Wilson's mind is "What is the game?"
When adapting a play, the director starts by identifying key themes. Then, he says, the question is, "OK how do we physicalize that? What's the game of that?" He means it somewhat literally: The director, who helms the new Faction of Fools production of Don [...]

Meet Folkz, the Rapper/Producer Formerly Known as Whitefolkz

David "Whitefolkz" Simmons once struck a quintessentially gangsta pose: He kept his eyes perpetually covered in shades—and he carried a pimp cup.
But by last September, Simmons had grown tired of the grind—of sitting in the studio and picking glossy beats in the hopes of securing some radio play. He stopped performing live shows and stepped back from the [...]

It Takes a Village to Make a Mixtape

Javier Starks isn't a look-at-me rapper. He's nothing if not respectful, even referring to his male peers as "sir." And while Starks is energetic, he often keeps to himself in public, quietly reciting his own rhymes or studying the performances onstage.
Perhaps that humble demeanor made it easier to secure guest spots for his Faces of [...]

For Pro’Verb, The Wait is Over

After months of delays, DMV emcee Pro'Verb today released his While You're Waiting... mixtape, his first full-length project since 2008. The tape, a 14-track collection of mostly original work, also finds the young MC flexing his lyrical dexterity on "Exhibit P," a remake of Jay Electronica's monstrous "Exhibit C" from two years ago.
Elsewhere, he and [...]

’10 Will Get You 8: D.C. Musical Acts You Can Bet On

Hays and Ryan Holladay's latest electro-indie-pop project is Bluebrain, whose debut album drops next month.
The 2000s saw a strange reversal in the District’s music: The pulse of its indie rock became barely perceptible while its rap scene began to emerge from go-go’s shadow. As for the new decade, we’ve already loved one record, rapper X.O.’s [...]

Arts Roundup: Leno Is Moving, Vampire Weekend Is Brooding Edition

Good morning! Looks like Jay Leno's moving back to 11:35 p.m.—possibly in a half-hour show. What does that means for Conan O'Brien, Leno's Tonight Show replacement? Who knows? But O'Brien can't possibly be happy.
- Local rapper Don Juan is live—right now.
- The Smithsonian had 30 million visits in 2009, the Washington Post reports.
- City Paper contributor [...]

New Video: Don Juan’s “Lookie Looky”

Local rapper Don Juan signed to Jive Records' Battery imprint over the summer, and premiered this video—for his single "Lookie Looky"—yesterday. No news on his debut album yet, but you can download both of his mixtapes from 2009 here.

DMV Rap Attack: New Likeblood, Bear Witnez & More

New rapps from DC