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All Things Go Is Hosting a Music Festival This Fall

Union Market might be D.C.'s go-to venue for artisan breads and locally sourced meats, but this year, it's made room for another offering on the menu: homegrown music festivals. Following the success of U Street Music Hall's June electro-dance fete, Union BBQ, D.C.-based music blog All Things Go will host its first-ever music festival at Union Market's Dock 5 this September 13.
The [...]

ToDo ToDay: Au Revoir Simone, Logic, and Free Gelato

Some bands opt to simply sprinkle their tunes with keys, while others go all-in—and Brooklyn trio Au Revoir Simone sticks to the latter. Formed in 2003, the infectious dream-pop act (longtime friends Erika Forster, Annie Hart, and Heather D’Angel) is 100 percent keyboards, with each member boasting her own vintage setup. But while the outfit’s [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bethesda Film Festival, Amateur Porn, and Camp David

Beginning Friday evening, the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District will spotlight local and regional filmmakers by screening five short documentaries over a two-day span at its second annual festival. Entries include Doing It for Me, a sympathetic examination of high-school dropouts; The Bottom Line, which chronicles the precautions a Howard County firefighter takes prior to the birth [...]

ToDo ToDay: Michael Borek! CSS!

As a teenager in Prague, Michael Borek recalls seeing "a one-armed man in a shabby coat schlepping a tripod and a large-view camera." It was Josef Sudek, a celebrated Czech photographer. Borek bought a book of his images and immediately fell in love. Now, decades later, Borek is mounting an exhibition of works that pay [...]

ToDo ToDay: Georges Braque and a Clash History Lesson

The power duo isn’t just a politics thing. The art world has plenty of its own, including Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. The two artists developed the style known as cubism, and together transformed the way we look at objects in art. Though Picasso gradually moved on, Braque continued exploring analytic cubism until his death [...]

ToDo ToDay: Lost Civilizations! The Poker Night!

The D.C. Jazz Fest has begun again, and amid its traditional lineup you might find yourself yearning for something a little more bananas. Look to Lost Civilizations, the super-improvised collaboration between reed player Mike Sebastian and multi-instrumentalist T. A. Zook. Read more >>> Lost Civilizations performs with Sansyou and Cigarbox Planetarium at the Tree House [...]

ToDo ToDay: Winter Gelato! Campy Christmas!

It's a holiday miracle: Tickets to the campiest Christmas celebration around are still available. For the past decade, John Waters has been bringing his tales of yuletide cheer to theaters around the nation and tonight, he makes his annual stop at the Birchmere. Thoughts on the eroticism of Santa flow as freely as eggnog at [...]