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DMV Beats: Doe Cigapom, Fatz Da Big Fella, Kokayi, Jon Laine, Internationally Known, and Phil Adé

Doe, Drew, and XO
Doe Cigapom is tired of bullshit rap. The beginning of his new song, "You Know Who You Are," confirms that: "My influence is y'all niggas that's fake rappin'/Every other bar in ya rhyme, you stay clappin'." It's not an unusual stance for the D.C. expat, whose 2012 EP CagedBirds laid out his [...]

DMV Beats: Midas and Co., PHZ-Sicks, Doe Cigapom and MOB, Wale

Regal Rap
"Fuck is y'all thinking, focus!" shouts rapper Bear Witnez at the top of "Highlander." "Midas got the oil light blinkin'/Bear the hottest shit smokin'." With that declaration, and Freddie Mercury's unmistakeable voice, Bear opens the stampeding posse cut from Midas' Pop Up compilation. Here, Pro'Verb, 'Folkz, and Lyriciss deliver inspired verses on shoddy competition, [...]

Listen: Doe Cigapom and Soulful!’s Caged Birds

D.C. rapper Doe Cigapom doesn't like the city's changing demographics: "The hell is a Columbia Heights. All I remember is 14th Street, man!" a male voice exclaims on CagedBirds, Cigapom's new collaborative EP with producer Soulful!. (Set aside the fact that the neighborhood was called Columbia Heights long before gentrification took hold.) A few seconds later: [...]

Listen: Soulful! and Doe Cigapom’s “Summertime Stroll”

Virginia producer Soulful! is relatively young, but his musical tastes are mature: Last year's Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks sampled extensively from '70s blaxploitation flicks and dusty grooves.
Elsewhere, his compositions are heavy on nostalgic boom bap. His instrumental for Lyriciss' "Get It and Go"—flutes, guitar chops, driving percussion—was as lively as the MC.