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Listen to The Other Guys’ Feel-Good Track, “Blow My Mind”

It makes sense for the Other Guys and Tanya Morgan to work together; both rap duos have garnered attention through unique means. In 2012, the Other Guys—the local producer/MC duo of "Mighty" Joe Myles and Isaiah Mensah—emerged as a nostalgic alternative to systematic rap, its "do it for the love" approach just as wistful as the beats Myles [...]

The Secret History of Those Radio Rahim Stickers

A few years ago it was virtually impossible to walk through one of D.C.'s commercial corridors and not see a Radio Rahim sticker–and quite a few are hanging around. As far as street visuals go, they're striking for their simplicity (white Cooper font text on a black background) as well as their apparent reference to [...]

A Brief Introduction to SwagHeemHoops

Rap/R&B crew SwagHeemHoops has posted dozens and dozens of no-budget videos on its YouTube page over the past year or so. As is clear in the examples below, the product's quality is always questionable, but the Greenbelt, Md., group's hunger for attention is certainly not. A very short email interview with group member Dylan "PrinceDylannova" [...]

How to Tell That X.O.’s “Good Vibes” Video Was Shot in D.C.

It's not the Durkl shirt (1). It's the trash and recycling cans (2). They're like co-stars.
WATCH X.O.'s "Good Vibes" after the jump:

Listen: Tangie the Great Knows All About Crazy

On the surface, this new Tangie the Great pop-rap track, "Why," seems to be a straight-up apology from a lady who unfairly dumps her mental issues on an unfailingly patient dude. "I know I put you through so much shit/But you don't trip/I make it so it's so much work/But you don't kirk," the Twitter-friendly [...]

A Crudd-Rock Nationals Anthem We Can Get Behind

Southeast D.C.'s Lady Moet Beast and D.C. Ty the Monster—purveyors of "crudd rock" and bad-Santa tunes—made a song for the Nats a few years ago, when the team was not so good. The Nats are definitely good now, so "The Nationals Anthem" is making a comeback.
The musical wife-and-husband team is planning to offer the stadium-sized [...]

DMV Producer Judah Talks Wale, the Decline of Go-Go, and Working Smarter

After years as one of the DMV's busiest hip-hop producers and perhaps the region's most dutiful cheerleader, Timothy “Judah” Matthews is trying to figure out what comes next. He's still got plenty to say, but he's trying to be more efficient in how he says it. His website, For the DMV Only, still posts all [...]

Grussle Shows That 14th Street Is Still Good for Something

When record stores no longer exist—except as holograms in some sort of virtual backwater where only the nerdiest of record nerds would dare to go—we'll look fondly upon this low-key "producer digs out a record and makes a beat from it" video featuring DMV producer Grussle (aka E-Minah) and produced by Anthony "Gadget" Mims' [...]

Screenshots Without Comment: Boobe’s “Don’t Text Me” Video

Killa Cal + Rare Essence = Buzz

The biggest go-go bands can be like small companies: Personnel comes and goes, but the overall brand generally retains its standing. Occasionally, however, a lineup change is a Really Big Deal in go-go circles, like rapper Killa Cal's recent decision to leave the WHAT? band and take his firm verbals to Rare Essence, one of the [...]