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Akil Nadir, Who Influenced the Course of D.C. Hip-Hop, Dies

Akil Nadir was the Philosopher King, the straight-ahead MC known for his battle rhymes and sophisticated bravado. To his friends, he was Claude Lumpkin, an educator and father who let his heart speak through the music (and on his funny blog).
The veteran D.C. rapper died this weekend. He was 34.
As word spread of Nadir's death, his peers [...]

DJ Stylus’ Indonesian Mix Odyssey

You've probably witnessed DJ Stylus in action—the dusty soul records that boom relentlessly, the old school hip-hop that encourages backpackers to dust off their Adidas gear and pop lock like its 1985.
But being a DJ in this region can be challenging, Stylus says. "Being a DJ here, you sometimes wonder if it matters," he says. "I [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 23

You might ask yourself, "Is there a spiritual component to Far Out vs. Hot Dang?" The answer is no. You might note to yourself, "in a cosmological sense, the use of the words 'far' and 'hot' creates a mild paradox." You might be right. And y'know what, D.C.? We're glad you're thinking about us all [...]