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Listen: Substantial, Art Is Where the Home Is

Released in 2012, Substantial's Home is Where the Art Is tackled adult issues—spending time with the wife, life's yins and yangs, changing dirty diapers, that sorta thing. It was a mature turn for the Prince George's County native, whose rhymes were more combative on his previous solo album.
Out today, Art Is Where the Home Is reworks the 2012 [...]

ToDo ToDay: Hubbard Street Dance, TONE, and Local Hip-Hop

Rare is the modern dance company that devotes equal resources to developing dancers as choreographers, and acquiring works from the best choreographers in the rest of the world. But that’s what Hubbard Street Dance Chicago will do during its visit to the Kennedy Center this weekend. Read more >>> Hubbard Street Dance performs Oct. 17 to Oct. [...]

DMV Beats: McNugget Raps, Cocaine Ready, Homeboy Sandman, Chris Barz, and Marcus D.

The McNugget as a Trope
Last week we gave a shout out to Chi Chi Monet, the 9-year-old girl who, while rapping about childhood obesity, made a reference to giving up Big Macs because of their caloric content. I questioned whether any 9-year-old would actually choose a Big Mac over McNuggets; one of my City Paper [...]

DMV Beats: Louie V Mob, Venus vs. Mars, #Wegotit4free, Chi Chi Monet

Review: Louie V Mob’s New World Order
Master P was once rich and famous enough to sign Snoop Dogg at the height of his Death Row commercial success, install a gold elevator in his estate, and perform at the VMAs. His brand was No Limit, an aggressively New Orleans-based and DIY label that transformed his family [...]

Substantial Touts His Resume

This just in: Substantial can rap. And I'm not talking this broken sentence flow that's popular with the kids these days. I'm talking thoughtful lyrics and a razor-sharp delivery that'll keep you affixed to the rewind button.
Released Monday, Substantial's "Check My Resume" displays those abilities through bragging rhymes set atop a vigorous Oddisee instrumental and DJ [...]