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The Caribbean, Out of Exile

"I don't write autobiographical music," says Michael Kentoff, an hour into our interview last month. "Those are David Crosby songs. I just don’t like them."
If you've heard The Caribbean—and you should make of point of listening to the D.C. trio's excellent new album, Discontinued Perfume (Hometapes)—then you understand that: The band's songs are weird, self-contained universes, jewel-box [...]

Get It Free: The Caribbean, 2000-2008

You know what's really good and won't be available till February? Discontinued Perfume, the new album by D.C. story-poppers The Caribbean—who, the last time we spoke with them, were up to some spooky, immersive, installation-y shit.
The band's label, Hometapes, wants to make sure you're up on your Caribbean by the time the new record drops, [...]