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Tonight’s Lost & Sound Might Be Weird and Sexual

"The combination of tech house, deep house, and nu disco in one night works out in a pretty awesome way—vibes and energy tonight will be deep, sexual, and weird," says Adams Morgan resident Morgan Tepper, aka DJ Lxsx Frxnk, about tonight's Lost and Sound party at U Street's Velvet Lounge. DJs Chris Nitti and Matthew [...]

Forever Uncool: The March of History Will Never Make These Bands Fashionable

As the '00s have come to a close, a lot of ink has been spilled over the balkanization of the music community. It seems that 10 years ago, trends were a little bit easier to define. You had your metal heads and your bus-gypsies, and indie rock didn't sound all that different from regular rock. [...]

The Barry Richards TV Collection, Vol. 1 at the AFI

The promoters of the forthcoming DVD “The Barry Richards TV Collection Volume I”  have rented out an AFI theater for a premiere showing of that production tonight at 9:30 p.m.  
Richards was a DJ in Washington from 1963 to 1975, and he hosted several local TV shows.  According to the supplied bio, Richards, the "boss with the [...]

Friday: Lovefingers/Beautiful Swimmers @ Comet Ping Pong

Last weekend, while attending the Blues Control show, I realized that Comet Ping Pong has a pretty nice sound-system. It's big and boomy, the kind of thing that blows Marty McFly across the room at the beginning of Back to the Future.
It certainly did the trick for Blues Control's burbling sonic-gravy, but it will [...]