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Revolution Strummer: Bells Of’s Ferocious Debut Recordings Collected Dust for Three Decades

How Bells Of helped shape D.C.'s punk scene in the mid-'80s.

Listen: Drew O’Doherty, ‘I Spent It All’

O'Doherty took the final note Fugazi played as a band and transformed it into an eight-minute drone track.

Fugazi’s In On The Kill Taker Will Get The 33 1/3 Book Treatment

About damn time.

Listen: Soccer Team, Real Lessons In Cynicism (Demos)

The demo versions of the indie-pop quartet's new album offers a rare glimpse into the songwriting process.

Listen: Soccer Team, ‘Too Many Lens Flares’

The experimental indie-pop group is back with a new full-length out Oct. 27 on Dischord Records.

The Fugazi Reunion Will Be Driven By Scion

More than 1,000 people have RSVP'd to an obviously fake Fugazi gig.

Photos of the Mauls at DC9

The Mauls are the fence that runs between punk and loud indie rock, and will appeal to both camps.

Listen to Fugazi’s First-Ever Demo

The full recording, originally a free cassette tape in 1988, is streaming online before Dischord's Nov. 18 release.

Why This is the Perfect Time for a Dischord Remaster of Slant 6’s Soda Pop * Rip Off

The band was pigeonholed as riot grrrl because of its all-female lineup, a question of gender politics that's still relevant today.

New Fugazi Music! (Well, Very Old Fugazi Music!)

Fugazi's technical hiatus seems pretty permanent these days, but between the nearly 900 recordings the group has released through its live archive and the various musical projects of its members, fans haven't exactly been hurting. They'll probably perk up at this, though: This winter, Dischord Records plans to release First Demo, an early recording that's never been [...]