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New Fugazi Music! (Well, Very Old Fugazi Music!)

Fugazi's technical hiatus seems pretty permanent these days, but between the nearly 900 recordings the group has released through its live archive and the various musical projects of its members, fans haven't exactly been hurting. They'll probably perk up at this, though: This winter, Dischord Records plans to release First Demo, an early recording that's never been [...]

When D.C. Punks Were Prizefighters

In an exhibit two summers ago at Georgetown's Addison/Ripley Fine Art, a little slice of D.C. music history might have gone over the heads of some gallery-goers.
The history could be found in a series of images by local painter and photographer Dan Treado. His photos, part of a 1987-1988 project called "All My Friends Are [...]

ToDo ToDay: Popcorn and Pasties, Dischord vs. Teenbeat, and Nipsey Hussle

As a promoter of films that run 15 minutes or less, DC Shorts understands that audiences enjoy a little variety. For Pasties and Popcorn, this weekend’s collaboration with local burlesque troupe Tilted Torch, DC Shorts will intersperse film screenings with belly dance routines, hoop dances, and other quirky variety acts. Read more >>> The films show [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ian MacKaye! SISU!

Fugazi and The Evens frontman Ian MacKaye is a punk-rock icon, yeah, but he’s also one hell of an archivist. In addition to building a vast collection of physical media, MacKaye has also digitized tons of it and made it accessible to the public through Dischord Records and projects like the Fugazi Live Series. So [...]

Director Jeff Nichols on Fugazi, Southern Literature, and Mud

Jeff Nichols isn’t the type of director to make a light film. His first feature, 2007’s Shotgun Stories, a terse family drama about a blood feud between two sets of half brothers in rural Arkansas, became one of the most talked-about films of the year and established him as a fresh new voice in the [...]

E.D. Sedgwick Wears White, Discusses We Wear White

There's something vaguely "Tim and Eric" about this promotional video, in which E.D. Sedgwick chitchats about elements of his upcoming album, We Wear White, which Dischord Records will release on Nov. 20. If it seems mildly un-Dischord to make a promotional video and also make it weird, consider that Sedgwick has always been weird.

Dag Nasty Plans Reunion to Coincide with Salad Days Event

Dag Nasty, the melodic hardcore band from D.C. credited with (or accused of) paving the way for emocore, is planning to reunite for one magical evening at the Black Cat Dec. 28.
The reunion will include original members Shawn Brown, Brian Baker, Roger Marbury, and Colin Sears, the lineup that wrote much of Dag Nasty's well-loved debut [...]

Meet a Local Illustrator: A Chat With Mark Burrier

Mark Burrier is an illustrator, cartoonist, and skateboard painter whose illustration work appears in the Washington Post’s editorial pages. His cartoon works are mostly minicomics, which he often self-publishes, and at least one's been nominated for an award at the Small Press Expo. He also does advertising work using comics. Burrier had a table at the [...]

Void Discusses Emptying the Vaults, Being Punk-Rock in Columbia

A week before Halloween, Dischord is scheduled to release Sessions 1981-83, a new archival release from Columbia, Md.’s Void. One of the first bands to add metallic elements to hardcore punk, Void appeared on two records during its early-'80s existence: the scene-defining D.C. hardcore compilation Flex Your Head, and a split LP with the D.C. hardcore act Faith.
A few years [...]

Yes, HBO Played a Minor Threat Song on Entourage

Punk forums and Twitter went aflutter Sunday night when the Minor Threat song "Minor Threat" was played on HBO's Entourage. Given that big companies have a history of using Dischord stuff without permission, some assumed it went down like the Great Nike Copyright Infringement of 2005, or the Forever 21 T-shirt, or the Fox assholery [...]