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Honoring Marian Anderson, 75 Years After Her Historic Concert

Seventy-five years ago, on April 9th, 1939 (Easter Sunday), African-American opera and gospel singer Marian Anderson performed at the Lincoln Memorial after being barred by the Daughters of the American Revolution from singing at Constitution Hall because of her race. Anderson ended up being heard by 75,000 in-person listeners and millions of others on the [...]

ToDo ToDay: Action Bronson, Dionne Warwick, and a New Medium Rare

Whether he’s performing with a fan on his back or body-slamming people for misbehaving at his shows, Queens rapper Action Bronson still manages to deliver his lyrics with pinpoint accuracy. Both Bronson mixtapes Blue Chips and Blue Chips 2 borrow their names from the 1994 film starring Shaq, Penny Hardaway, and Nick Nolte, a sign of his proclivity for [...]