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Don’t Be Bored: Henry Louis Gates’ 512-Page Book

Henry Louis Gates’ Life Upon These Shores: Looking at African American History, 1513-2008 spans nearly 500 years in as many pages. So, it’s understandable if reading about the Middle Passage, post-Civil War Reconstruction, and the Rodney King riots might get exhausting. There’s also the fact that Gates wrote his tome free of any centralized argument. [...]

Don’t Be Bored: The Easy Way or the Hard Way

Shiny entertainment or challenging experimentalism: Tonight's live music options give us the whole spectrum. If you're the kind of person who sips straight Campari and likes your bedtime reading Slavic and turn-of-the-century, try out Sonic Circuits' program tonight at Pyramid Atlantic. Prefer to tap the Rockies? Like your flakes frosted, your reading glossy? Form a [...]