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Send Us Your Story Tips!

And do it via the handy tip form that's now sitting on the Arts Desk sidebar!
I asked some peeps in my Gchat for examples:

"I'm hearing that Ian Svenonius' show got picked up by Lifetime!"
"Philippa Hughes and Ron Moten are teaming up for a series of gallery parties featuring music by go-go acts that supported Fenty!"

"CHUCK [...]

Ex-TV Executive Creates Way to Kill People for $1

Unemployment has not been easy for Paul Sherno. Since losing his job at WJLA-TV, the veteran TV executive has applied–with 60 other people–for a warehouse job (didn't get it), considered selling insurance (money was crap), and attempted to enlist in the Army (too old).
"I speak two languages, I've won a bunch of Emmys, and I'm [...]