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Arcade Fire at Merriweather Post Pavilion, Discussed

In the mid-2000s, mainstream music got injected with an unexpected shot of indie rock, and Arcade Fire was one of the lucky bands to bask in that exposure. While the band hasn't ruled the airwaves with quite the same ubiquity that so-called grunge bands achieved in the early '90s, Arcade Fire has topped the billboard [...]

Self-Conscious Finger-Pointing and Stone-Faced Wallflowers: A Cap’n Jazz Dialogue

Once upon a time, Cap'n Jazz took the tropes of emotive hardcore music and gave it some pop focus—well, as long as "pop focus" still makes room for strained, tangled vocals and lyrics about kitty cats. The band centered around brothers Tim and Mike Kinsella and existed for only a few years in the early [...]