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The Playlist: Depeche Mode Dance Party DJs Pick Their Faves

Those yearning to dance with people other than Jefferson Memorial protesters should consider the Depeche Mode Dance Party, the synth-tastic DJ night that celebrates its 10th anniversary at Black Cat tonight. Touted as the biggest Depeche Mode night on the East Coast, its DJs should be commended for their stalwart commitment to one band, though [...]

Freestylin’ D.C.: Weekend Edition

For the Thursday editions of Freestylin' D.C., I'll highlight the best low-cost and free events in D.C. from tonight 'til Sunday.
Head over to Columbia Heights for final Movie Nights in the Heights event of the season . Catch Shrek at 8:30 p.m. and DJ Gavin Holland at 8 p.m. for free in the [...]

Tonight: Kompakt DJ/Producer Michael Mayer at U Street Music Hall

The 38-year-old German DJ Michael Mayer, who will be spinning and mixing music at the U. Street Music Hall tonight, is not just another techno artist. Mayer is one of the founders of Kompakt, a Cologne-based label, record store, distributor, and more, as well as a go-to source for many aficionados of programmed, stripped-down club [...]

Pitchforkast: Hot Chip’s One Life Stand

Welcome to the Pitchforkast. Here, your friendly Pitchforkast team (YFPT) will attempt to predict the Pitchfork rating for albums that have not yet appeared on that Web site. Note: Ratings estimates are arrived at through expert guesswork.

TODAY: Hot Chip, One Life Stand—leaked January 2010; out Feb. 9
YFPT has never liked Hot Chip. I mean, [...]

Music in Review: Equip Your Computer with a Breathalizer

David Dunlap Jr. downloaded the most recent Depeche Mode album last spring, and he does not know why. Clearly, he'd had a few too many Shirley Temples.
Writing in our Music in Review issue, Dunlap explains how just a few tipples bring out his inner nostalgic beast—which is exactly how he ended up downloading a much-derided [...]