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Music 2008: Indie Rock Rediscovers The Joys Of Tape Hiss

In a good way, indie rock got smaller in 2008.
D.C. rediscovered its love for vinyl (the story of the year is the resurgence of the mom-and-pop record store). A neighborhood—Mount Pleasant—stood up against anti-live-music NIMBYs. Even a local band or two seemed to surprise all of us (Deleted Scenes).
There's a new underground, a real underground, [...]

Dept. of Department of Eagles

Anyone familiar with Brooklyn-based experimental folk outfit Grizzly Bear noticed a new sound emerging from their performance of two unreleased songs on KCRW and Letterman; the songs kept their charming reverb and signature vocal harmonizations, but they departed from the dissonance and sound experimentation that marked Horn of Plenty and Yellow House. With the newest [...]