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Double Dagger Might Be Dead By the End of Its Last Show

Last month Baltimore post-punk trio Double Dagger announced it was breaking up after a little more than nine years together. The six-paragraph note on the band's site sums up the bittersweet nature of Double Dagger's demise, which is taking place simply because, in their words, it's just time.
Followers of vocalist Nolen Strals, bassist Bruce Willen, [...]

Why Double Dagger’s Corporate Design Commissions Are Still Pretty Punk

Nolen Strals, the singer of the abrasive Baltimore art-punk trio Double Dagger, has what he calls “a weird sort of internal conversation” whenever he's commissioned to do graphic design work for a large media outlet or corporation.
"Doing work for these major labels and these big corporate entities, there's part of me that's like, ‘Hell yes! [...]