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Don’t Be Bored: Howard Homecoming, Jewish Literary Festival

If you’re a Howardite—or just an aficionado—you know the university’s homecoming week is truly a beacon, and the admission-free International Yardfest is the most economical way to celebrate. (Though acquiring a fresh outfit still costs money.) As usual, this year’s lineup is semi-secret, perhaps because organizers tend to book acts down to the wire—though Young [...]

Great Beats and Greasy Eats Highlight Sunday’s Moombacon Massive

Despite the name, Sunday night's "Moombacon Massive" party at Rock & Roll Hotel isn't celebrating Dave Nada's bass-quaking microgenre moombahton. In balancing gluttony, absurdity, and gargantuan Baltimore club beats in an unlikely manner, it's possibly the most ridiculous event of D.C.'s Labor Day Weekend.
"Yeah, we're going to have a few catering trays filled with free bacon [...]

Denman Anderson Releases Hell Is From Here to Eternity

D.C.'s dance underground may currently favor populist nu disco and moombahton, but iconoclastic DJ Denman C. Anderson points dance music fans in a much more sinister direction on his latest mix Hell is From Here to Eternity.
One of D.C.'s most intriguing DJs, Anderson's coldwave and minimal synth No Love Lost night with Fan Death Records' [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 38

To clarify, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is not "what Washingtonians are talking about," nor is it "what Washingtonians should be talking about." No, this weekly assemblage is "what some Washingtonians are talking about." Because, really, who wants to talk about what everybody else is talking about?

"Who needs a talk-back at show’s end when the [...]

Dance Music for Misanthropes: A Chat With No Love Lost’s Sean Gray and Denman Anderson

For the last year or so, Fan Death Records co-proprietor Sean Gray and DJ and man-about-town Denman C. Anderson have been repping hard for something called cold wave, or minimal synth—an obscure subset of post-punk that's been enjoying a slightly less obscure revival in recent years thanks to the work of labels like Wierd Records [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 6

Famous people were everywhere, but we pretended not to notice. That's because Far Out vs. Hot Dang is lookin' where you ain't lookin' ... or at least it's seein' more than you're seein'. It's like a third eye and a lightning rod amalgamated into one blessedly/hellaciously innovative sensory organ. And that, gentle reader, is super-awesome. [...]