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The DMV’s “We Are the World” Moment?

You don't see the word "unity" being kicked around among DMV rappers these days—not like a few years ago, anyway, when some of the scene's most notable names gathered in front of the Lincoln Theatre for a photo shoot. Local producer Jamil Young is trying to turn things around. Released Friday, his "United We Stand" is a [...]

Tomorrow: Peekaso Hosts His First D.C. Art Exhibit

Last year, Demont "Peekaso" Pinder was a "freestyle portraitist" in every sense of the term—traveling the world with an iPad and an easel, hoping to capture the moment and build a reputation as the DMV's hardest-working painter. “I’m everywhere,” he told me in December. “I’ve gotta make it happen and I can’t take no for an [...]