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Photo: Ziad Nagy at Softer, Softest

Delicious Spectacle, 1300 Block Quincy St., NW, May 30th.  © 2014 Matt Dunn

Crash Through a Ball Pit of Empty Cans in “Bottomless Mimosas”

Ball pits were fun to play in as a kid, but now that I'm old enough to worry about things like staph infections and hidden pools of vomit, the thought of diving into one makes me want to zip myself into a hazmat suit and never come out.
"Bottomless Mimosas," then, is a welcome substitute—the installation, at [...]

D.C.’s Year in Art Galleries: Woof

The news that Civilian Art Projects is closing its 7th Street NW gallery space caps off a year of many memorable exhibits—and too many art galleries passing into memory.
While Civilian director Jayme McLellan is taking her situation in stride, planning a 2014 full of pop-up shows and house salons, hers is not the only gallery [...]

Think There’s No Room for Emerging Artists in D.C.? You’re Wrong.

Dear dude I argued with at Black Cat a couple of weeks ago,
From what I recall, I ended our conversation after you told me to go fuck myself. But right before that, we were arguing about whether or not D.C. is a supportive place for emerging artists.
You claimed to have investigated every gallery, and you [...]