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Listen: Dismemberment Plan’s “Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer”

The trickles, they keep coming: Today, Dismemberment Plan released another song from its anticipated forthcoming album, Uncanney Valley. "Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer," a kind of blue number about a guy who gives up cuttin' a rug when he becomes a father, takes on the same sneaky complexity of any great D-Plan song: While Travis [...]

Label of the Reconstruction: Sockets Records Was There When D.C. DIY Got Weird

The “yoga room” on the second floor of Sean Peoples’ house hasn’t had space for sun salutations for a while now. “The last people who owned it had been burning incense and whatever else,” Peoples says as he leads me from his own quarters across the hall. These days, the extra room doesn’t scream tranquility: [...]

Arts Roundup: Sad Trombone for Vintage Edition

The great vintage-shop die-off of 2012? Vintage Darling, Black-Eyed Susie, and Annie Creamcheese shut down. [Washingtonian]
New Deleted Scenes video: a little bit Jean Cocteau, a little bit Inception. And guest-starring Pree's May Tabol. [IFC]
Everything you need to know about fake IDs. Just kidding, kids! [D.C. Clubbing/Panorama]
The revamped Phillips Collection website looks nice. [D.C. Docent]
Meanwhile, "The 'new' HIrshhorn website [...]

Listen: Deleted Scenes’ “Future of Hair Metal”

D.C. indie rockers Deleted Scenes graduated from local Sockets Records to mid-sized indie Park the Van in April, and their first release for the label—a reissue of their 2011 sophomore album, Young People's Church of the Air—is out this week. We reviewed that thing last September; even if you picked up a copy at one [...]

Arts Roundup: Projectile Vomit Edition

Philip Kennicott smacks around David Brooks' under-researched column about the Eisenhower Memorial. [Style Blog]
Vacationer remixes Deleted Scenes [Prefix]
Backstage column about onstage projectile vomit yields horror in the comments section: "There is enough disgusting things on the internet (Sandusky) and now this wretched story about wretching (fake or not)." Barf. [Post]
Three recaps, one performance piece. [Pink [...]

Watch: Sockets Records, the Documentary

High-school filmmaker Hannah Hoffman (!) made this very astute 30-minute documentary about Sockets Records, some of the groups on the label, and the state of underground rock music in D.C. Lots of footage comes from Sockets' January showcase at the Black Cat. Ian MacKaye, D.C.'s most prolific talking head, appears, as do bands like Deleted [...]

Listen: The Caribbean Remixes Deleted Scenes

Three of the best indie-rock bands in D.C.—literary art-poppers The Caribbean, genre-tweaking mope-rockers Deleted Scenes, and slowcore noodlers Cigarette—are sharing a bill tonight at Comet Ping Pong, and as luck would have it, one of those groups recently remixed another. The Caribbean's take on Deleted Scenes' 2011 single "Bedbedbedbedbed" is lulling and deconstructionist: The Caribbean's [...]

Deleted Scenes Signs to Park the Van Records

Deleted Scenes seems to sing a lot about getting used to being uncomfortable, but it looks like circumstances have finally lined up to make life a little easier for one of the hardest working bands in D.C. indie rock. The group recently signed to mid-sized indie label Park the Van, a New Orleans-based company whose [...]

D.C.’s South by Southwest Delegation

Every March, dozens of D.C. artists join thousands of musicians from around the world at Austin, Texas’ massive South by Southwest Festival—a place where hopes are live-tweeted and dreams are expensively publicized. Is this the year the D.C. delegation makes its mark? There will be plenty of individual artists and bands making the Austin trek, but [...]

Here They Go Again: The 26th Annual Wammy Award Nominees

On Tuesday the Washington Area Music Association announced the nominees for the 26th annual Wammies, which take place Feb. 19 at the State Theatre. It’s no secret that I and others have long been critical of the local awards ceremony's mistakes, omissions, and policies. I'd hoped this year would be very different but, alas, I [...]