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Deleted Scenes Breaks Up

"We felt like the music would speak for itself, but I don't think any music can speak for itself today."

Sounds About Right: The Best Local Albums of 2014

Replay the year in D.C.'s raddest albums and EPs.

Song Premiere: Tereu Tereu’s Remix of the Caribbean’s “Imitation Air”

"Tereu Tereu took a murky, dystopian love song and made it a murkier, more barren planet even less fit for human habitation."

ToDo ToDay: Trans Am, Deleted Scenes, and Jellyfish Eyes

Twenty-four years on, Maryland-formed post-rock outfit Trans Am is a vocoder band in a post-Auto-Tune world, but they’re still a lithe and propulsive machine, churning through several generations’ visions of the future. On Volume X, dystopian funk melts into Kraftwerkian synth workouts; there’s a robotic mouth solo that would make Peter Frampton jealous. As always, the [...]

How Critics Keep Shortchanging D.C. Bands

As far as most indie-rock rock critics know, D.C. has two Ians, a Henry, a Travis, and some dude named H.R., and they all got discovered at the 9:30 Club or in the DMV—but how bands get noticed by tired folks waiting in line to get their drivers licenses renewed, well, who knows.
If you live [...]

Arts Roundup: Philomena in Potomac Edition

What will happened to that $40 million the Corcoran made from selling rugs last year? [Arts Desk]
After this year, Filmfest D.C. is almost certainly dunzo. [Arts Desk, DCist]
Go-go heroes UCB are reuniting for a Howard Theatre Show in April. [GOG Blog]
When D.C.-area residents let their homes become movie sets [Post]
A new song from local indie heroes Deleted Scenes [...]

Watch: Deleted Scenes’ Video for “Stutter”

The kookiest track D.C.-founded indie-rock band Deleted Scenes has made to date, "Stutter," now has a kooky (and great! And quite dark!) music video. The star? Dustin Diamond. Yes, Screech. A miserable, gets-the-crap-beat-out-of-him Screech.
Deleted Scenes' full-length Lithium Burn, the followup to 2011's Young People's Church of the Air, is out April 15. Fingers crossed for more insanity.

Arts Roundup: Arcade Fire Swallows Planet Edition

The museum isn't open yet, but the National Museum of African American History and Culture is in the process of installing two major artifacts. [WJLA]
Man stabbed outside of Dupont nightclub. [Post]
It has come to this: Arcade Fire booked to play Verizon Center in 2014. [Stereogum]
Garry Trudeau-helmed comedy Alpha House deemed unfunny by Hank Stuever. [Post]
Bob [...]

Photos: The Dismemberment Plan @ 9:30 Club

The Dismemberment Plan's first original studio album in a dozen years, Uncanney Valley, isn't likely to end up on too many end-of-year Top 10 lists. But while it's hard to see that album as anything other than a product of an aging band, The Dismemberment Plan's live show is basically ageless—at least judging by the [...]

Listen: Deleted Scenes’ “Stutter”

From the "slept on" file: Pitchfork premiered a new song, "Stutter," from D.C. indie-rock quartet Deleted Scenes last week, and it's kind of wackadoodle. That's not a negative assessment. The crazy, shrieky "Stutter" feels like a natural extension of where the band was headed on its last LP, Young People's Church of the Air, and [...]