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I Love Cassettes, and That’s Why I Don’t Love Cassette Store Day

Despite media chatter about a recent “cassette resurgence,” most people still haven't re-embraced the tape. Anyone under 30 probably associates them with their parents' music collections, and only a slim margin of record nerds knows about their prevalence among obscure noise and punk bands. But soon, you'll be able to buy cassettes from big-name bands [...]

Arts Roundup: College Radio Edition

Smithsonian begins cobbling together an agriculture archive. [WTOP]
D.C.'s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development revamps its website. [MPTD]
Duke Ellington students prepare to perform with Patti LaBelle. [WJLA]
American University's WVAU, University of Maryland's WMUC, George Washington University's WRGW, and Sixth & I Historic Synagogue team up to present a Deerhunter show at the synagogue April 22. [...]

Arts Roundup: Required Uniform Edition

Morning, all! If anyone can determine below in comments the reference I'm making in the hed, which also ties in with one of the items in my post, you'll win a fabulous prize my admiration.
Every month, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Vanity Fair in my mailbox, because Vanity Fair is awesome. And it's already [...]

Deerhunter at 9:30 Club, Discussed

Yes, we've already chewed on Deerhunter a lot this week. Let the chewing continue!
Ryan Little: As a relative newcomer to Deerhunter's spacey tuneage, I have to say Halcyon Digest is a welcome push toward more accessible songwriting. Cryptograms lost me in the ether for a bit, and this album feels more anchored. I'm interested to [...]

Deerhunter @ 9:30: Not Too Cool, Not Uncool

There's something improbable about Deerhunter, especially now that they're playing clubs as big as the 9:30. They don't look like much; or maybe it's that they look like they could've been a lot of other things, including not a rock band at all.* But last night they sounded utterly satisfying. Two things:
1. I'm not sure [...]

Arts Roundup: I Wanted to Get a Burger, But Some Shithead Lawyers Filed an Injunction Edition

While we've got the Transformers 3 crew in town, would it be too much to ask that Michael Bay include a scene of one of the Decepticons smashing the burger-hating, anti-small business law offices of Steptoe & Johnson?
Yeah, the big robot show is underway on the Eastern end of the National Mall. TBD's Ryan Kearney [...]

Tonight in City Lights: Deerhunter at 9:30 Club

Somehow tonight's Deerhunter show at the 9:30 Club is not sold out, so consider revising whatever plans you have. But don't take my word for it; here's City Paper's Mike Kuntz:
Bradford Cox is like Stephen Malkmus from hell. A tangled mess of frustration, self-doubt, and melodic genius, he is as troubled and inspired a frontman [...]

Leak Proof: Sonic Youth, Dave Matthews Band, Deerhunter, The Bats

Sonic Youth: "Sacred Trickster"
For a while there Sonic Youth was becoming a band that your dad could maybe get down with. Well, as long as your dad was a baby boomer with a taste for Bare Trees-era Fleetwood Mac. No more, though. “Sacred Trickster”, from the band’s forthcoming record The Eternal, brings back the diminished [...]