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Listen: These United States’ “Dead and Gone”

It must have been 2006, that time I went to see Do Make Say Think at the Black Cat because I thought I was in the mood for some gloomy post-rock, and ended up not giving a shit—These United States were the mismatched openers, and they put me in an entirely different place. Back then, [...]

Photos: Middle Brother, Deer Tick, Dawes @ 9:30 Club

When a band chooses to include a cover in their live set, it's always interesting to hear what they chose, especially when said band is a side-group of three lead singers who also write most of the damn fine songs for their three separate bands. Sometimes, a cover choice is horrible, sometimes overly obvious. But [...]

Dept. of Flannel and Sneakers: Middle Brother at 9:30 Club Tonight

Middle Brother, a supergroup of rising Gen-Y roots rockers, may just deserve the attention that so often eludes the mid-sequence siblings for whom the band is named.
Jon McCauley, of Deer Tick; Taylor Goldsmith, of Dawes; and Matthew Vasquez, of Delta Spirit might not yet wield the indie capital of another recent (and aesthetically similar) supergroup, [...]

The Sleigher: Deer Tick’s “Christmas All Summer Long”

HO HO WHO: Rhode Island janglemeisters Deer Tick, who were the inaugural subjects of NBC anchor Brian Williams' BriTunes feature. It must be said, for the record, that The Sleigher has a much cooler name and is far more prolific than BriTunes. Deer Tick, meanwhile, released its third full-length, The Black Dirt Sessions, over the [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Facebook Eats Your Brain’ Edition

Morning, folks!
Let’s talk about Facebook for a second. Yesterday I came across—via Facebook, naturally—this infographic, which shows the gradual un-privatizing of an ever larger proportion of your profile. With the link, the friend who had posted it had written, “Time to leave?” To which Paul Carr over at TechCrunch would no doubt counter, “No, time [...]

BriTunes: Why Brian Williams’s Music Experiment Won’t Work

In the last half of the 20th Century, the national television news anchor played a deific role in American life: benevolent, yet possessing of an aloof omniscience that suggested divinity (and, by implication, infallibility). Behind the heroically concerned brow and dispassionate baritone there seemed to lie a great wisdom: unrevealed, and therefore perfect–the archetype being [...]

Leak Proof: Gossip, Magik Markers, Deer Tick, Cassie

A weekly roundup of unreleased songs, new singles, and assorted musical detritus trickling out to the Web.
Gossip: "Heavy Cross"
Can Gossip be the new Red Hot Chili Peppers, please? The Portland trio's new single, "Heavy Cross," is rich with punk-funk hooks and it's produced by Rick Rubin, the man responsible for Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik. Anthony [...]