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Threefer: Jazz Setlist, Sept. 3-9

Including bassist Tarus Mateen, organist Alex Jenkins, and more.

The Jazz and Cultural Society Will Open in Brookland Tomorrow

"There's a lot of old cats who are still cookin', but this city has forgotten about them. And one thing in jazz is, you can't forget about the people who came before you."

Coming Soon to Brookland: the Jazz and Cultural Society

Young musicians will workshop with local jazz veterans and play public concerts.

Jazz Setlist, August 16-22: August Doldrums

The doldrums are upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Congress and the Supreme Court are in recess, and the many, many people who make a living off those institutions in some form or another have little reason to hang out. Jazz has a slowdown, too—but not a death. It's a great time to check out some [...]

The Bobby Muncy Quartet’s U-Topia Migraine

The Bobby Muncy Quartet’s much-praised Wednesday-night stand at U-Topia, the only local jazz gig that featured all original music, ended suddenly at the end of January. It’s tempting to add that it ended without warning, but the actual story is much stranger.
“Anybody else having problems with Utopia?” wrote pianist Gene D’Andrea on Facebook on Monday, [...]