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ToDo ToDay: Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, Dead Meadow, and Dance Parties

The motto for the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, “Standing Up for Real Jazz,” smacks of rigid definition—the Jazz-as-Ideology school. But festival curator Paul Carr doesn't just wave the banner of purism: He builds a case for it. The first day alone features 21 different performances of solid, swinging, straight-ahead jazz (with an opening-night performance by Giacomo [...]

Dead Meadow Has No Illusions About Its Role in the Beer Industry

A few weeks ago, Dead Meadow fans started noticing that the former D.C. band's psych/sludge epic "Sleepy Silver Door" was featured in a dorky beer commercial. Indeed, some complained, but many were supportive. Noticing the uptick in comments after Thanksgiving (the commercial got some play during the day's NFL games), the band responded with this:
Can't [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Jeffrey Eugenides

Jeffrey Eugenides’ third novel, The Marriage Plot, is so sinuous that a certain type of reader is conditioned to distrust it. Anyone who knows contemporary fiction largely through postmodern inheritors like Don DeLillo and David Foster Wallace might look at the plot’s love triangle among Brown grads in the [...]

Dead Meadow Makes Concert Film. Wait, People Still Watch Concert Films?

Forty years ago, concert film were big. No really, they played on big screens and carried cultural import. In 1970, the documentary Woodstock won an academy award. When Talking Heads released Stop Making Sense in 1984, people were apparently dancing in the aisles of the theater.
Then, shortly thereafter, there were no aisles left to dance [...]