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DCRA Finalizes Rules Exempting Used and Vintage Stores From Secondhand Business License

Good news for the Adams Morgan and 14th Street NW businesses that got a rude visit earlier this year from District regulators—as well as every store in D.C. that sells used or vintage media, furniture, clothing, and other goods: The District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs has published its final new regulations simplifying the [...]

Stores Selling Used Furniture, Inexpensive Jewelry Now Exempt From Secondhand Business License

When the District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs proposed new licensing rules for shops that sell used goods last month, it was good news for some of the businesses that received a rather aggressive visit from DCRA and MPD earlier in the spring: Stores selling books, magazines, vinyl records, cassette tapes, compact discs, VHS [...]

Arts Roundup: Ike Hike Edition

Slow down the Eisenhower Memorial's approval process? That's what Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, wants. [Style Blog]
DCRA promises no enforcement while it re-examines its licensing of businesses selling used goods. [Jim Graham]
Politics & Prose's new owners, one year in. [American Booksellers Association]
Lenny Campello revisits Artomatic, encounters more theft. [Daily [...]

New Rules Coming Soon for Used Record and Book Stores (But Not Every Shop’s Happy)

The District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will propose several changes to the licensing rules that govern shops selling used goods—which might be welcome news for some of the businesses that DCRA and the Metropolitan Police Department cracked down on in April. Eric Rogers, the agency's acting business licensing administrator, announced the changes today [...]

DCRA Lightens Up on Record, Used Book, and Vintage Shops

The local stores that were busted last week for having the wrong class of business license got some decent-to-good news today: While record stores with some used inventory, used book stores, and vintage and antique shops do have to obtain a secondhand business license—as opposed to the less restrictive general business license—they'll have more than [...]

Why Is the District Busting Record Stores and Vintage Shops?

Should stores that sell records, vintage clothes, and used books be regulated in a manner similar to pawn shops? The District code seems to say so—which is what some small-shop owners found out, rather unpleasantly, earlier this week.
On Wednesday, an inspector from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and a detective from the Metropolitan [...]

The Night the Lights Went Out on Georgia: The Enterprise Jazz Club’s Strange Legal Saga

One of the first things you notice inside The Enterprise Theater & Jazz Lounge is the glitz. The walls, curtains, furniture, bar, and stage are the sleek ebony shade of a black-box theater. The copper ceiling and trim, however, are painted gold. “That’s for my husband!” says Charletta “C.J.” Lewis, owner of the club, which [...]

“Next Generation” Show Abruptly Suspended by DCRA, Quickly Restored by DCRA

Call it a Presidents Day miracle. "Next Generation," a pop-up exhibit mounted new D.C. gallery Contemporary Wing, experienced a minor hiccup this weekend that nearly forced the show to close. But NIMBYism didn't bring the exhibit down.
According to Contemporary Wing gallerist Lauren Gentile, an inspector from the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs was [...]

The Enterprise Has Its Grand Opening, But…

The Enterprise, the new jazz club and theater that's now occupying the old Professional Pharmacy at 2917 Georgia Ave. NW, held its grand opening Tuesday. The new establishment's open house ran from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.; a mayoral ribbon cutting was scheduled for noon. At 7 p.m.the performances began: The Pin Points Theater company staged [...]

Arts Roundup: Slutty Summer Edition

New Day Rising: “I don’t want to bum everybody out,” said Bob Mould, at a recent concert/book reading at the Birchmere. “Lemme skip 10 pages.” In yesterday's Washington Post Style section, Chris Richards talks to the former Husker Du frontman about his new autobiography, See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage [...]