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D.C. Independent Film Festival: Select Shorts, Reviewed

It's a classic story. Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy. Girl begins trolling him hardcore on the Internet.
In a cute little romance involving vegetables and raves, protagonist Ruby is a plucky redhead miraculously undeterred by the fact that she lives with her comatose-level depressed mother and has one of the most awkward jobs in the [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: Sons of the City, Reviewed

Written and directed by Marcus Richardson, a Howard University graduate who studied film, Sons of the City is a coming-of-age story with a local perspective. It tells the story of Joe, a young man who grew up in D.C. and studies business at Howard. He does not belong in either world, exactly: His classmates don't [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: Brothers Hypnotic, Reviewed

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is punk rock. Sure, the group of eight, including seven brothers, plays a New Orleans-style funk-jazz, not three-chord rock. But with their rejection of major-label money and their beat-up instruments, dented and duct taped from years of playing on the streets of Chicago and New York City, Hypnotic is more spiritually related [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: Despite the Gods, Reviewed

Most behind-the-scenes documentaries about the making of films make the process look utterly hellish. Practical problems—stemming from things like special effects, the shooting schedule, or an unexpected rainstorm—can undermine the director's vision. Actors' egos are fragile. Despite the Gods, the documentary by filmmaker Penny Vozniak, shows how these problems can be exacerbated when an American shoots [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: More Films, Reviewed

Short reviews of films showing at the D.C. Independent Film Festival, which runs March 7-10.
Hard Shoulder
If the painful, shamelessly drawn out Saw franchise wasn’t enough of an indication that the “torture porn” subgenre has overstayed its welcome, Nicholas David Lean’s Hard Shoulder should serve nicely as a stark reminder. Like a hackneyed Devil’s Rejects knockoff, the [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: Between Two Rivers, Reviewed

Short reviews of films showing at the D.C. Independent Film Festival, which runs March 7-10.
The town of Cairo sits at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in the southernmost part of Illinois. When those two rivers, the largest in North America, were major modes of transportation in the 19th century, the town flourished; [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: Meth Head, Reviewed

Short reviews of films showing at the D.C. Independent Film Festival, which runs March 7-10.
Jane Clark’s feature film debut, Meth Head, is about—you guessed it—a meth head. It tells the story of how the titular character (Luke Haas) got started on the stuff, and what an oh-so-irritatingly silly and emotionally manipulative story it is.
Haas plays [...]

ToDo ToDay: Veronica Falls, Film Festivals, and Snow Day Boozin’

In indie-rock circles, fuzzy garage rock was all the rage last year. Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees got national attention, and thousands of young people found their summer soundtrack when Japandroids went on a long, successful tour. This year is poised to be all about dream pop, garage rock’s more sensitive, depressed cousin. The [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: The First Winter, Reviewed

Short reviews of films showing at the D.C. Independent Film Festival, which runs March 6-10.
In Ryan McKenna’s stark, quirky The First Winter, a Portuguese DJ named Robert makes a pilgrimage to Winnipeg after he learns that the Canadian tourist he recently bedded is pregnant. That plot description may sound bare, but The First Winter is [...]

Arts Roundup: Michael Kaiser’s Successor Edition

Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser, whose contract expires at the end of 2013, says the art center's board has put together a search committee to find his successor [Huffington Post D.C.]
The D.C. Independent Film Festival announces its 2013 schedule [DCIFF]
Takoma soupmakers aspire to be the next women-geared reality TV show [Post]
Stream the entirety of Deathfix's [...]