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Roger (Not His Real Name) at DCAC, Reviewed

A conspiracy theorist looks for the root of his mental disturbance in a hilarious one-man show.

Low-Gallery Diet: Can D.C.’s Art Scene Survive Without Traditional Spaces?

Who’s bothered by the fact that House of Cards tapes in Baltimore, not in D.C.? Let’s see. Folks who work at the District’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, for sure. Young aspirational residents of Capitol Hill, too, I’m betting. The D.C. art world? After last week, when Pussy Riot joined Kevin Spacey and [...]

D.C.-Bred Comedian Sampson on Growing Up Gay, Black, and Pentecostal

On his Twitter bio, comedian and D.C. native Sampson describes himself as black, gay, and boss. Culled from his personal life, Sampson’s comedy mixes silly with serious by addressing racism and homophobia head-on. This Friday, Aug. 1, he’ll perform two sets at District of Columbia Arts Center in Adams Morgan. We caught up with the 28-year-old [...]

Photo: Renée Regan Power Performance


Photo: Anaze Izquierdo Performance Miss Peru

Photo: Raki Malhotra Performance


Photo: Rachel Hrbek and Robert Weimann Performance

Photo: Geraldo Mercado Performance Bubblegum Bubblegum

Photo: Kunj Patel Performance at DCAC

Reviewed: Michael Horsley at DCAC

Michael Horsley is best known for his documentation of pre-gentrification D.C., but in “At the Crossroad: A Topography of Space, Time and Memory,” an exhibit of new and newish works at DCAC, Horsley turns the page—at least a bit—to a more varied conception of the American landscape.
While the exhibit includes a bunch of examples of [...]