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D.C. Is America’s Best Political Subdivision (By Default)

America! Who needs it? It's merely an insane collection of 50 divergent personalities who like to send their biggest blowhards to our city in vain attempts to transform the rest of the country into something that looks more like their backwater locales. (Do we really want to live in a world lorded by the principles [...]

Chuck Brown To Headline D.C. Statehood Event

The inimitable Chuck Brown will headline this year's D.C. Statehood event on the West Capitol Lawn next Thursday.
Sponsored by the ACLU of the Nation's Capital, the third annual event will be part speak-out, part concert. Information tables will be out by 12 p.m.; between 4 and 6 p.m., members of the public are invited to [...]

Free D.C. Statehood Concert

Political rallies rarely feature really top-notch music. Even if a political event attracts big names, the performances can be kinda boring.
Not true of tonight's statehood event on the Capitol steps.