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DC Shorts, Showcase 16: Vices as Devices

The festival guide recommends DC Shorts' Showcase 16 for viewers over 18, but its surfeit of naked flesh feels incidental, not prurient. Yes, there is naughty action onscreen (the gay-porn documentary, however, is not the one that shows erect cocks), but the topic really worth discussing–stay with me here—is craft. The films about total strangers [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 15: The Titanic, Drug Violence, and Time Travel

Promise rears its head in DC Shorts' Showcase 15. This series of mostly well-made—and sometimes excellent—shorts offers a contrast of themes, styles, and stories. Juaritos and Uisce Beatha are the obvious standouts among the bunch. Aside from some significant misfires, Showcase 15 delivers an overall enjoyable lineup.
Uisce Beatha: Mass tragedies are rarely without true tales of [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 14: Bangin’ the Parents

The big winner in DC Shorts' Showcase 14 is obviously Time 2 Split. Other than that, nothing really stands out, although Dear Someone is probably one of the better music videos you’ll see this year, and F**k the Parents enlists some serious comedy talent in its gentle raunch-fest.
Dear Someone: A wildly inventive music video for a [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 13: It’s All About Josephine and the Roach

You’ll find everything from sleek crime stories to experimental art in DC Shorts' Showcase 13. Top to bottom, it might not be the strongest, but it’s worth the price of admission for two stand-outs: the feel-good, animal-human love story Josephine and the Roach and the concept-driven Stalled.
Close Your Eyes: A coming-of-age story about a visually-impaired (not [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 12: Meat, A Gross Couch, and Cretins

DC Shorts' Showcase 12 is weaker than Olive Oyl and about as fresh as a Popeye reference. Nothing is outright terrible, but there’s nothing to recommend, either. Skip it, not your spinach.
A Little Something on the Side: A timid man has a domineering wife who makes him eat wheat crackers with dollops of yogurt. He [...]

DC Shorts, Family Showcase: So Many Apples

I don't have kids, but I am getting married next month, so a few questions relevant to DC Shorts' family showcase—such as, "When I have a family, will I ever see an art-house film again?" and "Will I spend my 30s and 40s watching Shrek knock-offs?"—have been dogging me. With a trope-exploding exception or two, [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 11: Lies, More Racism, and Cake

Love and romance are easy subjects for a short film. They're easy to relate to, for one thing: Who doesn't want a little romance in their lives? More importantly, most love stories do not require many complex characters. Two is the minimum, and the tension between them is plain to see. There are many love [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 10: Ray Kurzweil, (More) Mimes, and Racism

I'm not sure why shorts so often turn to overwrought drama, because they lend themselves so much better to comedic sketches and jokes with slow-build punchlines. DC Shorts' Showcase 10 presents some great examples of when that works. Its strongest material appeals to those of us who prefer stories with more than a little bite [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 9: They Don’t Know It’s a Dildo!

This is a strong collection with only one outright stinker—although some might still find the "Hey, I’m twatting!" humor of Social Media Anonymous appealing. They are also the same types unlikely to go to a shorts festival and would rather wait for the film to appear as a .wmv file in Outlook Express.
Hibernation: Well-done retro-futuristic [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 8: Cool Instagram, Bro

The standouts in this showcase are the comedies, which run from dark to romantic, but the two most affecting films are documentaries. Lots of "eh" in between, but that’s a frequent occurrence with nonthematic programming.
Ojos Que No Ven (What the Eye Doesn’t See): When an elderly man dies on Christmas Eve, his grown children decide [...]