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ToDo ToDay: D.C., Bluegrass Capital?

So, bluegrass fans, yes or no: Is D.C. really a bluegrass capital? The D.C. Music Salon says yes—it has been since the 1950s, mostly thanks to a few key groups like The Stoneman Family, The Bluegrass Champs, The Country Gentlemen, and The Seldom Scene. George Washington University faculty member Kip Lornell (who also cowrote The [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Awesome Tapes From Africa, and Other Awesome Things

Cassette tapes are not particularly DJ-friendly. Tracks aren’t easily separated, and, well, tapes aren’t really the go-to medium these days. But Brian Shimkovitz, founder of the blog Awesome Tapes From Africa and a new record label, is undaunted. The ethnomusicologist-cum-DJ, who picked up many of his tapes while researching on a Fulbright grant in Ghana, [...]

Tonight: Learn About the Old 9:30 Club

People really geek out over the old 9:30 Club. Tonight, the D.C. Music Salon is screening a 2004 documentary about the venue—it's called 930 F Street, after the space's original street address before it moved to V Street—and everyone says you should go. A few weeks before the film by Tarik Dahir and Jeff Gaul [...]