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Jazz Setlist, July 11-17: The Doldrums Have Arrived Early

The Doldrums are already here. The period usually strikes in August (not coincidentally, around the time of the Congressional recess), when bookings are light and often far-flung; maybe it's the heat, but this year July is a sparse one, too. Here, though, are some highlights among the lowlights.
Thursday, July 11
Probably the most active trombonist in [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 9-15: Mother’s Day Music

Friday, May 10
With his handsome, piercing countenance, J.D. Allen looks like he'd play a silky-smooth tenor sax. He doesn't. One of the most highly regarded young tenor players working today, Allen ties his sound up in tangled harmonic knots—and paradoxically razor-slashes through those knots even as he ties them. You oftentimes have to listen very [...]

Jazz Setlist, August 9-15: Balkanized

Thursday, Aug. 9
Creating jazz improvisations from the music of the Balkans and other Eastern European countries is a fairly new development in the music, at least on this side of the pond. Really, it started in the early '90s with Dave Douglas and his Tiny Bell Trio. But it's evolved from there into an easy-access [...]

CapitalBop Jazz Loft Makes Another Move, or Two

This Sunday, the August edition of CapitalBop's excellent Jazz Loft series takes place at its third venue in a year. Hole in the Sky, the Eckington DIY space better known for its rock shows, hosts the concert featuring alto saxophonist Braxton Cook, bassist Steve Synk and his band pH Balance, and free-jazz ensemble 33 1/3. [...]

Arts Roundup: Magic Lantern Edition

The National Symphony Orchestra announces a June tour of Las Americas. [Post]
Bob Woodward: The Internet is not "a magic lantern" that lights up scandals. [Post]
The irksome Washington Post Social reader, which tells all your Facebook friends you've been reading studies about breast enlargement, weight loss, and/or Adele's love life, seems to be "working." [Porcupine]
Studio Theatre's [...]

D.C. Jazz Loft Moves to The Dunes in February

This Saturday marks the final musical sendoff for Gold Leaf Studios on I Street NW. But while the art space and DIY venue will soon be vacated, making way for fancy-looking apartments, DC Jazz Loft will live on.
Beginning next month, say organizers (and CapitalBop editors)  Giovanni Russonello and Luke Stewart, the shows will continue in their new location [...]

Arts Roundup: Ai Weiwei Edition

Dissident Display: The Chinese government's favorite artist Ai Weiwei will have an installation at the Sackler Gallery this spring, the museum announced yesterday. The work, "Fragments," which borrows artifacts from Qing Dynasty temples, will be on view beginning May 12. Hirshhorn will also feature an exhibit, "Ai Weiwei: According to What?" beginning in October. The [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sept. 8-14: An Embarrassment of Riches

Remember how I said that September was when the magic would happen? Behold, this week, where I severely cherry-picked the week's offerings and am still having to do an extra-long column.
Friday, September 9

There are so many things about The Cookers that scream "All-Star Band." The truth, though, is that they are an All-Should-Have-Been-Stars Band. Organizers [...]

Sunday: D.C. Jazz Loft No. 3, Featuring a New Afro-Jazz Quartet

It's such a great week in D.C. jazz that we already needed an extra-long Jazz Setlist. And even that's not enough to cover it; HR-57 announced last night that it is re-oepning this weekend. And there's one more big showcase to talk about.
CapitalBop has, since premiering in November, become the D.C. jazz scene's best friend. [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 10-16: The Redds Are Coming

Friday, Feb. 11
Freddie Redd is one of the great secret weapons of hard bop piano, a man who spent the 1950s playing on records—his own and others'—that were bona fide jukebox hits. Butch Warren is a living legend, the former house bassist for Blue Note Records whose name is stamped on undeniable classics of the [...]