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Yep, WETA’s “Fireworks Extravaganza” Still Has Minstrel Songs

Every year, WETA airs a program called "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" following its live broadcast of the "Capitol Fourth" concert. And every year, "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" includes some minstrel songs. Tomorrow's schedule is no different, and according to a WETA spokesperson, "Fireworks Extravaganza" hasn't changed—which is why Washington City Paper will continue its own annual tradition. [...]

WETA’s “Fireworks Extravaganza”: Still Featuring Minstrel Songs

A year ago, I fielded a call from Potomac, Md., resident Andrea Graham, who for years has been complaining to public television station WETA about its annual "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" program—a half-hour of stock footage that the station airs after its broadcast of the "Capitol Fourth" concert and fireworks presentation. Pretty innocuous-sounding, right? Not to [...]

WETA’s “Fireworks Extravaganza,” as Usual, Includes Three Minstrel Songs

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1992
Last week, I spoke with two vice presidents of WETA about the public television station's annual "D.C. Fireworks Extravaganza" program—and why the archival footage, shot in 1992 on the National Mall, includes two minstrel-show songs: "Dixie," now considered an American standard, and "Old Black Joe."
They told me they receive [...]