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A Decade of Local Indie Comics from DC Conspiracy

Magic Bullet publishes some of the city's best illustrators and cartoonists.

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Steve Loya

Steve Loya, a member of the DC Conspiracy cartooning co-op, created the cover of the new issue of the Magic Bullet comics newspaper. He recently answered our usual questions.
Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or cartooning do you do?
Steve Loya: I sometimes do more traditional panel by panel stories, but for the most [...]

Scrawl Minded: The Year’s Best Local Comics

For many years, cartooning in the District seemed only as exciting as the latest Herblock collection. These days, the DMV illustration scene offers far more diversity than editorial cartoons or newspaper strips, and this year produced worthwhile volumes from surprising people, including a congressman, a millionaire, and an NPR commentator.
March: Book One
By Rep. John Lewis, [...]

Settle Down, Nerds: Awesome Con D.C. Is Coming

At this point, it's not much of a secret that D.C.'s comic culture is manifold and thriving. It’s fructified by podcasts, blogs, and a newsletter published by home-grown comics collective DC Conspiracy. Comics devotees in the D.C. area have kindred spirits in other breeds of nerds, too: Trekkies, steampunks, LARPers—even Bronies, the adult viewers of [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Matt Rawson

Matt Rawson is a recent member of the DC Conspiracy comics co-op (whose new and free Magic Bullet comics tabloid comes out this spring). In addition to doing a a new web comic, Rawson co-hosts the comics-related Slabbed! The Podcast Without Fear and writes for the ComicsCritique site. Rawson's previous web comic was "Cottage 3," [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Mal Jones

Mal Jones is a local web cartoonist and member of the DC Conspiracy whose story about the War of 1812, " Burn, Washington, Burn," appears in the District Comics anthology. His artwork also appears regularly in the free Magic Bullet comics newspaper.
For most of 2012, he's been working on The Giant War web comic, which [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Dale Rawlings

Dale Rawlings is a member of the local comics co-op DC Conspiracy, which regularly sets up at the Small Press Expo. He publishes his own minicomics and contributes in the Conspiracy's anthology books and Magic Bullet newspaper. Rawlings is currently illustrating a story about the War of 1812 and the Decauter House for the [...]

D.C. Conspiracy Has Better Luck Hawking Papers Than Radiohead

Yesterday, Radiohead attempted to pass out some papers in D.C. We know how that went. The day before, on Monday, members of the cartoonists collective D.C. Conspiracy were also distributing their new newspaper for free—in their case, at local Metrorail and MARC stations.
It wasn't all perfect, of course. Rafer Roberts, the editor of D.C. Conspiracy's paper, [...]

Monday Morning Commuters: Grab a Copy of Magic Bullet

The Examiner and Express aren't the only papers you'll see being hawked this Monday on your morning commute: Members of DC Conspiracy, a collective of local comic-book creators and enthusiasts, will on hand at some Metro and MARC stations handing out copies of Magic Bullet No. 2, their comics newspaper.
What can you expect from the [...]

Meet a Local Comic Book Writer: A Chat with Joe Carabeo

Joe Carabeo writes the Curls Studio comic books Kid Roxy, Black Magic Tales, and The Legettes with Carolyn Belefski. The two have recently been at a bunch of local cons, including SPX and Baltimore, and will be at the fifth DC Counter Culture Festival on Oct. 24 from noon to 8 p.m. at RFD, 810 [...]