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Tabi Bonney, Kokayi Channel NPR’s Project Song?

A few days old, this. But this video shot by Chris Keener, featuring a song created in one day by Tabi Bonney, Kokayi, and Alison Carney, as well as some somehow-related street art, is worth noting because: 1) It totally reminds me of NPR's excellent (and now defunct?) Project Song series, only with less time, exposition, [...]

For Young Musicians, Shows May not Pay, but Soundtracking That Chuck Close Promo Will

At Aaron Thompson's level, there's not too much money to be made in making music—the D.C. ambient folkie knows this, and sees his career as in an embryonic stage. But he's taking a forked approached to getting his songs out there. You won't just hear his music on his recent Sockets Records EP or on [...]