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ToDo ToDay: Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, Dead Meadow, and Dance Parties

The motto for the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, “Standing Up for Real Jazz,” smacks of rigid definition—the Jazz-as-Ideology school. But festival curator Paul Carr doesn't just wave the banner of purism: He builds a case for it. The first day alone features 21 different performances of solid, swinging, straight-ahead jazz (with an opening-night performance by Giacomo [...]

When Will These United States Stop Being So Damn Boring?

These United States is a perpetual disappointment. Here is a band that has all the right ingredients for a good country-rock act—one foot in Washington, another in Kentucky; Jesse Elliott’s disinterested yowl; skilled musicians, and, lest we forget, blog buzz—and yet, this new album, and their last one, are absolutely yawn-inducing.
For the record: I am [...]