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The Dangerous Precedent of the Smithsonian’s Support for Bill Cosby

Plus: A Smithsonian website user tagged a Cosby portrait with "rapist."

Wayne’s World: Should G. Wayne Clough Be Remembered as a Technocrat, a Censor, or Both?

Best of Both Worlds is a funny coda to G. Wayne Clough’s six-year stint as Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. His recent e-book, released in August, is a treatise on museums, a subject that would seem to tap his experience as governor along the National Mall. Yet it also draws attention to his greatest failure [...]

Never Change, Transformer: Logan Circle’s Tiniest Gallery Toasts to 10 Years of Hard-to-Sell Art

When Transformer marks its 10th anniversary this Friday, some of D.C.’s best artists will be among the revelers. And so will some of its worst.
That’s the way it should be. The art organization’s annual silent art auction has for nearly a decade served as an informal art prom, where artists, dealers, and collectors—with and without gallery [...]

Arts Roundup: Belly Ablaze Edition

Seek and You Shall Find: "Hide/Seek," the exhibition of queer-themed artwork that was censored by the Smithsonian's secretary last year, has opened a year later at the Brooklyn Museum, more or less without incident—a fact that says a lot about rapidly evolving cultural attitudes toward gay and lesbian art, writes Philip Kennicott in the Washington [...]

One Year After “Hide/Seek”

On Friday, Nov. 18, D.C. art nonprofit and alternative art space Transformer is hosting its eighth annual silent auction and benefit gala. In some respects, though, it's more of a one-year anniversary party.
It was just about this time last year that the National Portrait Gallery opened "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture," an exhibition [...]

Museum of Censored Art Founders Win 2011 ALA Award for Intellectual Freedom

The American Library Association has named Mike Blasenstein and Michael Dax Iacovone the winners of the 2011 John Phillip Immroth Memorial Award for intellectual freedom. Earlier this year, Blasenstein and Iacovone established and maintained the Museum of Censored Art, a mobile protest center they parked outside the National Portrait Gallery from Jan. 13 to Feb. [...]

Arts Roundup: Laugh at Themselves or at Someone Else Edition

Culture War Council: A symposium on art and censorship took place at the Corcoran on Saturday, with lots of art-worlders weighing in on L'Affaire Wojnarowicz. Although there were plenty of protests last fall and lots of media coverage following the Smithsonian's removal of a work of video art by the late David Wojnarowicz from its [...]

Arts Roundup: Scandal Edition

No doubt capitalizing on the National Portrait Gallery debacle, the PPOW gallery in New York has a new David Wojnarowicz exhibit on view, called "Spirituality." WaPo reviews the show which, like "A Fire in My Belly," juxtaposes religious iconography with street scenes.
In other WaPo news, the paper has suspended veteran, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sari Horwitz [...]

Arts Roundup: Heroic Hashtags Edition

If it's Wednesday, there must be a wintry mix on the ground. Seriously, this has happened a few times now. The Jersey Shore freaks get a trip to Italy and we're stuck with this icy, slushy crap?
On TBD, Maura Judkis talks to a pair of San Francisco curators working on a compendium of all blog [...]

Clough Releases Statement on Wojnarowicz Controversy. But Why Call It a Controversy?

Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution G. Wayne Clough released a statement today addressing his decision last month to pull a video from the National Portrait Gallery's "Hide/Seek" exhibit. Read the full statement below.
But first, some notes! My persistent position on this issue is that it was not a controversy. There were not two sides engaged [...]