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ToDo ToDay: David Wax Museum, Luray, and Spring Cocktails

With their plaid attire and quaint Mexican folk instruments, David Wax Museum’s members slightly resemble survivors of the Battle of the Alamo. But while using a donkey jawbone (that’s quijada in Spanish) for percussion seems antiquated and slightly morose, DWM’s music sounds pleasantly contemporary. On the group’s latest album, Knock Knock Get Up, lead vocalist David Wax opines [...]

ToDo ToDay: Chelsea Light Moving (With Thurston Moore)! Sensual Dance Lessons!

After the October 2011 breakup of indie-rock super couple and Sonic Youth co-founders Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, listeners wondered if either performer would ever rock as hard again. These days, Sonic Youth remains on hiatus, but Moore continues to assail guitar lines with his revamped but no-less-searing band Chelsea Light Moving. The foursome describes itself [...]

David Wax at Newport: Folk Festivals, Thunk About

Over the last couple of years, Boston roots-folk act The David Wax Museum has been a mainstay at group houses across Northwest. These house concerts afforded lodging and modest merch sales for Wax and Suz Slezak, his fiddle- and jawbone-playing compatriot. The parties, here and elsewhere, also consolidated a growing fan base that would elect the [...]

Don’t Be Bored: The Deep, Dark Abyss

In his recent autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Rob Lowe recounts the advice Martin Sheen imparted for working with director Francis Ford Coppola: Don’t let him make you do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Coppola’s sojourn into the jungle for Apocalypse Now is an infamous example of Hollywood hubris that led its entire crew—especially [...]