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Elliott Smith at WMUC: Stranger and Stranger

Last Wednesday, I compiled a few narratives from current and former WMUC DJs involved in the rediscovery of a once-lost live session by indie-folk legend Elliott Smith, which contained a previously unreleased song called "Misery Let Me Down."  The story had gone viral two days earlier, when the Washington Post's David Malitz first wrote about it. The [...]

The Long, Winding Road to the “Lost” Elliott Smith WMUC Session

The indie corner of the Internet went nuts Monday after WaPo's David Malitz published a piece about the recent rediscovery of a rare Elliott Smith recording. The story went that a former WMUC DJ Ben Weisholtz found a copy of a 1996 live radio session—"Misery Let Me Down"—in an old MiniDisc player he sold on [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 33

Far Out vs. Hot Dang has returned! This week it's violence and haters, nachos and asscheeks. Yes, it's so very D.C.

"The scene is repeatedly interrupted by what looks (and sounds) like tracer and artillery fire, which eventually shears the top off the pyramid."
Sean Bugg: "I think I need to head home and play Mortal Kombat. [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 4

Your favorite assemblage is back, and we've got nothin' but love for you, baby! We don't call it "aggregation," because aggregation is too aggro. In the land of FO-vs.-HD, all the pieces fit together like a giant group hug. D.C. deserves it! Catch up here. Then accept this week's embrace. Then go make some art [...]

Arts Roundup: Contra Fan Death, D.C. Music Is Doing Just Fine Edition

Good morning! If you've been following Fan Death's haterade, or noticed a pair of articles in the AV Club D.C. by former members of Q and Not U that criticized D.C.'s indie-rock scene (1, 2), then Washington Post music critic David Malitz's post on the GOG Blog, "In defense of the D.C. rock scene," is a [...]

Malitz vs. Leitko @ St. Ex

Washington Post music critic David Malitz and I have our quarrels, but they tend to be relatively benign—mostly involving Pavement records and rides to concerts. There's no serious beef.
But tonight we're manufacturing a rivalry—because there are no worthy basketball games to watch, because I wanted a reason to change out of my pajamas, and because [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Poetic Resignation’ Edition

*The Guardian's lit blog posits Twitter as an elegant way to announce one's resignation, cites the case of Jonathan Schwartz, who until yesterday morning served as CEO of Sun Microsystems. His #haiku effort:
Financial crisis
Stalled too many customers
CEO no more.
Schwartz loses points for imagery but recoups on the kicker. Bonus point to Alison Flood for the [...]

The Federal Trade Commission Goes After Bloggers, Spares Journos Who Do the Same Thing!

According to GalleyCat, the Federal Trade Commission will fine independent bloggers up to $11,000 if they fail to disclose that they've received a product for free. This means book reviewers who get books for free, music reviewers who get music for free, stroller reviewers who get strollers for free, have to say as much in [...]