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Arts Roundup: The Birds Edition

The development of the R.L. Christian Library site on H Street NE, brought to you by crowdfunding. [Post]
A local chapter of the Audubon Society is in the process of surveying Wolf Trap's birds. [Post]
In the trailer for a local documentary, a D.C. bike thief explains what he does with his dirty money. (Buys sex.) [DCist]
In [...]

Meet David Hintz, D.C.’s Most Prolific Rock Writer

Most weeks, David Hintz puts the rest of us local music writers to shame.
So far in 2012, the blogger behind DC Rock Live has gone to 13 shows. He reviewed just shy of 200 in 2011. Since he began the blog three and a half years ago, he's filed dispatches on 496 concerts.
Hintz does his [...]