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Reviewed: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Good but unnecessary. Fans of the excellent, original The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo are unlikely to cozy up to the much-ballyhooed, Americanized David Fincher version, though it technically hits all the marks of Stieg Larsson’s blockbuster novel and does so with all the brooding chilliness of a typical Fincher.
It kicks off with Karen O [...]

David Fincher Alert

From the very bottom of The Washington Post's profile of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo director David Fincher:
He also emphasizes how much easier it is now to have intimate collaboration among far-flung members of a production [thanks to mobile technology]. “Every time there’s a new iPhone app,” he says, “I look at it and go, how [...]

Washington Critics Name The Social Network Best Picture

The Washington, D.C. Area Film Critics Association announced its top picks of 2010 this morning, with Inception winning the most accolades but The Facebook Movie, aka The Social Network, chosen for Best Picture.
Here's the full list. (Without naming names, I voted for five out of the 15 winners.)

What Exactly Are the Criterion Collection’s “Criteria”?

The Criterion Collection has been spoiling cinephiles for over 25 years with the bells and whistles that makes home viewing/collecting wonderful: exhaustive extras, nerdy liner notes, and an impeccable curatorial selection. But what happens when even they get it wrong? In honor of the release of its latest hiccup, the well-received but snoozy A Christmas [...]